Lea Porsager: Nerve Fluid

Lea Porsager: Nerve Fluid

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Thought-forms and texts are created in collaboration with Synnњve B. Brњgger, a.k.a. S.B.B.
After Hand

form: Lea Porsager & Mathias Kokholm
print: Huset Grafisk - Aarhus dk
isbn: 978-87-90826-22-2
edited by: Henrik Have & Mathias Kokholm


Celestial Body – Disrupted Nerve Fluid and Crossed Shock Waves (2011) 
Henningsen Gallery, Copenhagen

The wall between the gallery’s two rooms has been penetrated by two massive metal poles constituting a horizontal cross. Recordings taken from the Japanese satellite Hinode reveals the sun’s magnetic field in all its volatile glory. Estranging itself from its documentary origins, the film shows a dazed black and white sun slip into an astral stupor. 

The exhibition also contains two printed texts divided into three sections, each displaying symptoms of, and reactions to, an ongoing cycle. 

At its core, it may seem like the exhibition is dictated by an unknown entity that was sent to Porsager from the satellite station SvalSat, located on Svalbard, an island in close proximity to the North Pole. Svalbard was also the basis of Lea Porsager’s former exhibition at Henningsen Contemporary, Magnetic Correspondence (2008). In Magnetic Correspondence, Svalbard and SvalSat were at the very heart of an experiment based on Rudolf Steiners controversial theory of the Human Double. 

In many ways, Celestial Body can be seen as a counterpart to Magnetic Correspondence – a cross section into memory, into denial – the compulsion to rid oneself of a body. Consequently, Celestial Body becomes in itself a negation unfolding as a symptom. American publisher and writer Jane Heap wrote “The No is to Make the Yes Remembered” (a quote projected on a wall in a work by Lea Porsager from 2010). This is an appropriate illustration of the relationship between Lea Porsagers two works: Celestial Body is the NO to Magnetic Correspondence’s YES. 

Magnetic Correspondence (2008)
Henningsen Gallery, Copenhagen

“Human beings will increasingly need to know that they bear a double within them [...] a double who is far cleverer, far cleverer than we are, very intelligent [...] But this knowledge must take hold of people in the right way and cannot be allowed to be spread around by secret [occult] brotherhoods who want to use it as a way of increasing their power; nor, above all, may it be permitted to be kept secret as a means of increasing the power of certain brotherhoods who work egoistically.”
Rudolf Steiner .
Extracts from Secret Brotherhoods and the Mystery of the Human Double, 7 lectures in St.Gallen, Zurich and Dornach, 1917

What happens if you accept the idea of having a double (doppelganger) inside you?
What happens if you start receiving signs, images and demands from this double, this Other?
What happens if you follow the signs from the Other, and discover that what you are being told is real? 
What if automatic drawing, writing and speaking are actually the Other manifesting itself through you?
These speculations have resulted in a compilation of material where thirty Cries from the Other are transcribed, named and commented on in a correspondence between the Other and its victim.
The Cries have the same name and numbers as in Cry of The 30 Aethyrs (a reference to a magical system used in occultism). 
All transcripts correlate with the occult. As Rudolf Steiner said: the knowledge of the double is being held secret by occult brotherhoods in order to gain power from it. 
The correspondence documents the journey of a victim and her double, which ended in a giant golf ball on the satelite station SvalSat on Svalbard, Norway.
The rest is loss of signal