J&K [Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard]: MUSEUM OF O.O.O.

J&K [Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard]: MUSEUM OF O.O.O.

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This publication accompanies J&K’s solo exhibition Museum of O.O.O., shown at KUNSTEN Aalborg from April 30th - June 28th 2015.

The book presents as a museological inventory of 99 objects, making up J&K’s Museum of O.O.O.*. The collection of objects presented consists of works from KUNSTEN’s collection, J&K’s own pieces and found objects. J&K have renamed each object, and by assigning them character trades they present the collection as a new society of object-beings that revolt against their inertness. *[objecting outcast objects]

 During one of our ventures to the periphery of the human realm we have encountered life forms which, to this date, humankind has labeled merely as “objects”, identified entirely as inert and oblivious phenomena. Remarkably, we have now registered clear signs of consciousness and collective awareness expressed in various forms of visionary social practices amongst these beings. Appearing in colonies, camps, gangs and tribes they are rebelling against the man-made anthropocentric world order with its subject-object division and systematising of everything in categories such as trash, commodity, and art. Several indications point towards a current preoccupation with the formation of subversive parallel societies in highly innovative ways. These life forms are protesting! They will no longer accept their designated objecthood and their banishment from the realm of the living! Only being content with complete emancipation, they now identify themselves as non-conformists, drop-outs and free-spirited visionaries of a new world order in which they will no longer sit still. It seems like they are working on a greater plan

The publication also contains the new text work Transgenesis, Case Log v. 2.1 by writer and critic Pablo Larios, in which some of J&K’s objects-beings feature in a report told by a defect drone in the far future beyond human and material existence. 

Concept and editorial: J&K

Preface: J&K

Text: Pablo Larios

Proof reading: Nicholas Brooks, Cecilie Gravesen

Photos: Niels Fabæk

Design: Pulsk Ravn